Designers act not on opinion, but on insight

Excellent insight into the role of a graphic designer. I am always humbled by how someone can express my EXACT emotions/opinions in words:

“Designers act not on opinion, but on insight. They do not mandate, but educate. While the best decision can often only be based on the best guess, designers inform their instincts every single day so that these guesses may be right.”


Picking up the brush again

I am looking forward to start doing art again. Life got in the way, and the last time I did any art was nearly 20 years ago.

My inspiration is the numerous very talented artists that picked up a brush later in their life. Such as Animal art by LAW doing incredible work with colour pencils.

A lovely article here discuss some of these dynamic people..those that picked up a brush after 60 and are now making waves in the art world !….. I still have time :)


Animal Art by LAW

I specifically loved sketching, ink, pencil and coloured pencils, and I did do some watercolors.

This time around I would like to explore watercolour a bit more and probably acrylic. The subjects that most attract me are flowers, animals and birds, as can be seen from all the artists I admire.

Watercolour can display lumenescent light like no other medium. Marney Ward is a master of creating light with watercolors.  I would love to try her flowers and light, maybe even do a series on Australian flowers.

Another inspiration is HUGE acrylic works such as the Australian gums of Simon Barlow  and the old english roses by Thomas Durnell!! I would very much like to work on such a large scale.

Watch this space…